Five Dark Fates Review (Mini)

Mini Non-Spoiler Review

Five ​Dark Fates by Kendare Blake

Title: Five Dark Fates

Author: Kendare Blake

Genre(s): Young-adult, fantasy

Average Goodreads rating: 3.96/5

My rating: 5/5

Do I recommend? Yessssss. Always.

Main Characters: Katherine, Arsinoe, Mirabella, Jules, Emilia, Billy, Luca, Pietyr, Rho, Genevieve, Bree, Elizabeth 

Synopsis: A continuation of the events in Two Dark Fates.

My Goodreads review: 

“I’m so upset I won’t be reading more books from this world. Kendare Blake—PLEASE write more in this series, I beg you.

Anyways, this was a fantastic conclusion to what I would consider my all-time favorite YA fantasy series. The ending was emotionally taxing, but also strangely satisfying. The book, specifically the last half, was just such an emotional rollercoaster that had me in near tears a couple times.

Although I loved this book, I would say it’s my least favorite in the series. I enjoyed myself the entire time, but there was an intensity/darkness missing from the first half of the story that felt a little strange despite still liking it.

Overall, this is a MUST READ for YA fantasy fans. A masterfully crafted series.

Characters: 9.5/10

-Katherine was interesting as always

-Mirabella got the spotlight she deserved after being snubbed in the last book–I thought she was great

-Arsinoe fell a little flat for me in this one, and Jules was much less prominent in this one than in the last

Writing: 9/10

-good intensity

-kept me thinking

Pace: 8.5/10

-definitely the slowest of the series, especially at the beginning

-last third (the final battle scene) was so intense and riveting

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10

-was never bored

-overall though, missing something that the other books had

Average: 9/10


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely

Boring parts?

none    ,    rare   ,   some   ,   frequent   ,   lots


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Overall thoughts?

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For Fans Of:

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Grade: 93%

-Sean, kingdombookblog

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