Books I need to read by the end of the year

Hey guys! I’ve had a pretty solid reading year so far in 2020. With optimistic plans for the rest of the year, I’ve already thought of some books that I definitely would like to get to in the next few months. Most of these books are ones that have been on my TBR for a very long time, and then there are a few new releases I hope to purchase and read later on in the year. Let me know what you’ve got in store for the rest of the year!

cress // marissa meyer

13206828. sy475

It’s been many years since I read Cinder and Scarlet, and although I enjoyed them, I never felt the urgency to read the rest of the series. Part of that had to do with me being intimidated by longer books, but lately I’ve really overcome that issue. Now that I’m willing to pick up large books, Cress has become a top priority read for me, especially since it is often referred to as the strongest in the series.

six of crows // leigh bardugo


I’ve owned both books in the Six of Crows duology for a long time, so it really is a wonder that I haven’t read them. I really liked the Grisha trilogy, and have heard nothing but excellent things about Six of Crows, so I have high hopes for when I get around to read it. It’s been a while since I started an epic fantasy series, but when I do, it will likely be this one.

goodbye days // jeff zentner

30649795. sy475

There are definitely books on my shelves that I’ve had for a longer time than Goodbye Days, but this one has consistently been at the top of my TBR more than any other. It just sounds like a perfect contemporary novel that discusses grief and mourning in a fresh way. I think it’ll be a great, quick read.

final girls // riley sager


Ever since loving James Patterson’s Kill Me If You Can last year, I’ve been really interested in reading more adult mystery/thriller novels. Unfortunately, I’ve never committed to really exploring the genre, but I’ve been more motivated to after watching and LOVING How to Get Away with Murder. I think Final Girls is the adult thriller that is catching my attention most out of the handful I have on my shelves, so I’m hoping to start my go with a new genre strong.

clash of the worlds // chris columbus & ned vizzini w/ chris rylander

Image result for house of secrets series

I read Battle of the Beasts years after reading the first book in the trilogy (House of Secrets). Unfortunately, I didn’t love it, as I thought the plot was a little unfocused which left me detached from the story. However, I am still hoping to finish the series out strong with Clash of the Worlds, which I have mixed expectations for. Regardless, this year has been the year of completing unfinished series for me, so this is another one I would like to check off the list.

skyhunter // marie lu


Marie Lu is definitely in the conversation of being my favorite author ever. I’ve already read and enjoyed two books by her this year, including her first 2020 release, The Kingdom of Back. Like The Kingdom of Back, the synopsis for Skyhunter isn’t anything that really makes me eager to read it. However, Marie Lu is such an auto-buy author that I fully expect to pick this up when it is released in September and absolutely love it.

the tower of nero // rick riordan


Rick Riordan is as much of an auto-buy author as Marie Lu for me. The Tower of Nero is the final book in The Trials of Apollo series, a spin-off in the Percy Jackson world that I’ve loved reading. Although the fourth book wasn’t my absolute favorite, it read like a setup to an epic finale, and that is exactly what I expect from this conclusion which is coming out in October.

a sky beyond the storm // sabaa tahir

31520883. sy475

It feels like ages ago when I picked up An Ember in the Ashes on its release date, subsequently reading (and loving) it in three days. A Torch Against the Night was a superb sequel, and A Reaper at the Gates was solid as well, so I expect nothing but greatness from A Sky Beyond the Storm. I’m a little nervous to see what Sabaa Tahir does to the characters that she has had no problem torturing across the previous three books, but I am so excited to read the end to one of my all-time favorite series.



  1. Hey Sean!! I’ve read Cinder but I never continued the series which I probably should do lol 😆 SoC, as you’ve probably heard, is really really good- you will definitely love it ✌🏽
    I haven’t read anything past The Burning Maze, which I refused to read because MY LITERAL ANGEL JASON DIES and it kills me (pun not intended) 😭 I can’t believe he did us dirty like that!

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  2. There’s so many great books on this list! The Lunar Chronicles is so much fun! And the Six of Crows duology is such a staple in the book community haha. I hope you enjoy it once you get to it! (I’m the opposite – I still need to read the Grisha trilogy 😅.) And hopefully A Sky Beyond the Storm is awesome too! It’s taken me soo long to get to A Reaper at the Gates, but I know it’ll be good 😅.

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  3. Ohh, I loved Cress. I think either Cress or Cinder is my favorite in the trilogy. However, two of my friends who read the series both dislike Cress because of some important character and plot points. Wow, I didn’t even know a Rick Riordan book was coming out soon. I only read the first Apollo book and then didn’t continue!

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  4. Nice list! I loved the Lunar Chronicles, and Cress introduces some really great characters and plot elements! I’m so excited to read Skyhunters, as Marie Lu is an auto-buy author for me as well! It breaks my heart that her books never get the covers they deserve, though! I find that her books’ covers never do the stories justice.

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  5. I havent read Six of Crows either..and although its on my tbr…I wasnt planning to read it any time soon BUT THEN…I saw this ABSOLUTELY HARDBACK EDITION AND I JUST….I AM CRAZY FOR IT!! 😍😍😍 I think i’ll finally be reading it now. 🤣🤣


    Lovely post, Sean! I will definitely look out for your reviews for these as soon as you are done readong them! 😍😇😘

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