August 2020 Reading Wrap Up

Hey guys! Welcome to my August reading wrap up! This definitely was not my strongest reading month, neither in quantity or quality. I started off the book reading a lot of really disappointing books, which put me into a bit of a slump. As a result I did pick up the fifth Harry Potter, which was an absolute pleasure as expected. Hoping to read some more enjoyable books in September, but I’ll get into that in my September TBR.

Let’s get into what I read in August!

# of books read: 6

28954196rating: 2.5/5 (non-spoiler review)

28589322. sy475 rating: 2/5

26409580. sy475 rating: 1/5

18505820. sy475 rating: 1/5

17716rating: 3/5

2rating: 5/5 (reread)

Hope you all had a good month and best of luck in September!

-Sean, bookbloggingbooks


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