Dark Energy Review (Brief)

**Brief Non-Spoiler Review**

Dark Energy

by Robison Wells


My rating: 3/5

Do I recommend? Not really

For fans of? 


Goodreads Review:

I didn’t pick this book up expecting to be blown away by it, but I did expect to enjoy it more than I did. There wasn’t all that much that happened even for a short book, and I definitely anticipated more action than we got. The characters in the book were actually pretty good other than the love interest, but overall, the plot was lackluster. Okay read for me.

Characters: 8.5/10

Writing: 8/10

Pace: 7.5/10

Entertainment: 7.5/10

Average: 7.875/10


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely

Boring parts?

none    ,    rare   ,   some   ,   frequent   ,   lots


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely


none    ,    attempts   ,   some laughs   ,   pretty comedic   ,   hilarious


not at all   ,   a little   ,   every now and then  ,   yes   ,   very

Overall thoughts?

bad   ,   meh   ,   good   ,   very good   ,   excellent   ,   superb

Grade: 75%


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