Mini Summer Book Haul 2021

So, I got a rough start to my summer with a rained-out Memorial Day weekend. I was grateful to be away, but it was a bummer to not be able to set foot on the beach even once because of how poor the weather was every day. Naturally, I had to fall back onto books. Despite just loading my Kindle up with LOTS of books (see that haul here), I ended up coming back from Barnes and Noble with some really exciting books as well. Let’s get into the haul 🙂

the hunting party // lucy foley

46258982. sy475

aurora rising // amie kaufman & jay kristoff

30075662. sy475

aurora burning // amie kaufman & jay kristoff


the suicide house // charlie donlea

49204894. sy475

Hope everyone’s doing well. Let me know if you’ve got any insight into any of these books!



  1. Great haul! I’ve heard great things about Aurora Rising… I’ve been warned to wait until book three is published to read them as the cliffhanger in the sequel is pretty bad apparently. I’ve also been looking forward to read The Hunting Party as I really enjoyed her other title The Guest List. I hope you will enjoy all of these!

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