My Expectations for the Shadow and Bone Netflix TV Adaptation

Hey everyone! Recently, there has been a considerable amount of buzz for the upcoming Shadow and Bone Netflix show, which is based on Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse. Given that I really enjoyed the Grisha trilogy and finally read the Six of Crows duology last month, I have some thoughts and expectations for the show. If you have any similar expectations, let me know in the comments!

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I know this is going to be tough criteria to be met. We already know that key characters like Nikolai and Wylan aren’t even in the show, and we also know that the show somehow weaves two separate stories from separate timelines into one. We should especially expect the Six of Crows characters to experience more of an origin story rather than an adaptation of their experiences in the original duology. However, I just hope that the characters come across true to form, and that the overall plot and feel of the world is in tact.


The Six of Crows duology is very dark and twisty, so I am hoping that is channeled in the series. Whereas the Grisha trilogy dealt with a more large-scale war, the smaller heist and mystery aspects of the Six of Crows duology made the story feel much more intimate, and I think that aspect will translate really well into a TV show.


This is a bit more of wishful thinking than expectations, but I want to see a lot of Nina and Matthias. Contrary to popular opinion, Nina and Matthias were by far the two characters and relationship I was most invested in throughout the Six of Crows duology. Unfortunately, the two are not considered main cast members, which makes me think they are going to be taking a backseat to a few other characters. Still hoping that they play big roles as side characters, and that they are done justice by the writing and plot.


I think this is pretty guaranteed, but I am hoping for a lot of action. I know that with a fantasy show, it might take time to set up the world, but I hope that is balanced by some big action scenes. I think the way this series becomes mega-popular is with well-fleshed out characters and relationships, but I think some intense action moments will help.

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Who’s excited for the show?!



  1. I finished the Six of Crows duology last week, and it was so amazing!! I haven’t read the Grisheverse though. But I am really excited about the Netflix show!! Oh, and I still haven’t got over Matthias, so I need a lot of him in the show!
    Great post😊

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  2. Ahhh I’m so nervous about this adaptation, I want to love it but have been burned too many times! 😅 But yes 100% agree, Nina and Matthias deserve all the screen time! Hoping for the best (:

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  3. I’m so excited for this show! I love the world in the books so I hope they’ll do it justice. The casting and the trailer look promising! I’m especially excited to see how the show will combine the Shadow and Bone trilogy with Six of Crows!

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  4. Oh no, I didn’t realize Nina and Matthias aren’t considered main cast members, I really loved their love story too. I hope Kaz and The Darkling are done well. I think those are the two roles I’m most nervous to see, and of course Inej and Nina have beautiful journeys, so I hope that shows on screen as well.

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  5. So excited 🙌🏻 I love Inej and Kaz i hope they are true to the book 😭 my fear is six of crows isn’t going to get as much of the story as it deserves. I wish they would make shadow and bone season one and Six of crows season 2

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