Incredible Books That Will Blow Your Mind

Hey guys! I thought I would compile a list of books that completely blew my mind. There are many books I’ve enjoyed, in fact loved, but there are only a true handful that really left me amazed. Therefore, I thought I’d make a list of some of those books that just really impressed me. With many of these books, plot twists, high stakes, etc. contributed to this feeling, but for a few, there was just an overall WOW factor that is pretty inexplicable. 

To make this convenient, I will be listing the novel and some simple, non-spoilery bullet point characteristics of the book that make it so mind-blowing. 

With all that said, let’s get into the list!

Ruined // Amy Tintera


Why?–Easy-to-read, huge twists, intense moments, lots of action, intense court intrigue

Salt to the Sea // Ruta Sepetys


Why?–Inspiring characters, devastating all the way through, impossible to put down

The Lying Woods // Ashley Elston


Why?–EXCELLENT characters, HUGE twist, perfectly atmospheric

Kill Me if You Can // James Patterson & Marshall Karp


Why?–Fast-pacing, mind-blowing twist, impossible to put down

The Young Elites // Marie Lu


Why?–Villainous main character, Italian-inspired fantasy setting, insane character deaths, super dark

Winger // Andrew Smith


Why?–Hilarious, endearing characters, absolutely GUT-WRENCHING ending

An Ember in the Ashes // Sabaa Tahir

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Why?–Complicated setting, heart-stopping moments, intense game of rivals, incredible villain

And Then There Were None // Agatha Christie

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Why?–Masterfully crafted mystery, entirely unpredictable, ultimate page-turner, crazy ending

Let me know if you agree with my selections! Keep a look out for a part two of this 🙂



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