Belated Holiday Book Haul

Hey everyone! I thought I would put together this holiday book haul, as I did acquire a few new books in the past couple of weeks. I did not really ask for books for Christmas, but I did get a gift card that I put to use. I’ve already actually read and reviewed three of the books on this list (all of them were great), so I’ll leave those links as I mention them.

Let’s get into the haul!

the guest list // lucy foley


This was actually the one book I received as a gift, and I’ve already read and loved it. This book was hugely popular last year (it was a Reese’s Book Club pick!), but it was a book that seemed like something I’d enjoy even before the hype. I read the book in the span of eight hours, which included a nap, and was hooked from the start. Perfect for fans of And Then There Were None, which is my favorite Agatha Christie book. Review here.

the fountains of silence // ruta sepetys

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Salt to the Sea was my second favorite book I read last year, and one of only six books I consider an ultimate favorite read. As a result, I’ve been wanting to read more Ruta Sepetys books, and this one interests me most of her three other works. I have extremely high expectations for it, and fully expect to get to it soon

the cousins // karen m. mcmanus


Out of all the books on the list, this is probably the one I was most eager to get my hands on, and it is also the first one I read. Ultimately, while it wasn’t my favorite Karen M. McManus book, I really enjoyed it and it reaffirmed why I love McManus’s books so much. Review here.

a good girl’s guide to murder // holly jackson

40916679. sy475

This is probably the most random book I picked up on the list, as it wasn’t one that I was particularly dying to get my hands on. That said, it sounds exactly like something I would enjoy. It’s very rare that a YA mystery/thriller gets popular and is pretty universally liked, yet this one managed to do it. I am really eager to see why everyone was able to like this one so much, so hopefully I’ll get to it somewhat soon.

a sky beyond the storm // sabaa tahir


I’ve been waiting a long time to finish this series, which I started over 5 years ago, and I was super excited to get my hands on this one. I’ve already read it, and unsurprisingly, loved it. I think Sabaa Tahir is one of the best writers from any genre, and if you have not yet read An Ember in the Ashes, what are you doing. It’s superb. Review here.  

hurricane summer // asha bromfield

54860490. sy475

I’ve had some decent luck with Goodreads giveaways this year. This is the third book I’ve one in the past few months, and the second arc. Hurricane Summer is not necessarily a book I was dying to read, but it certainly sounds like an interesting debut, and I am excited to have early access to it, as it is not being released until May at the moment. I think I will try to get to this before its release in order to leave a review on Goodreads and give those wondering if they should pick it up some early intel!

Let me know which books you’ve acquired recently!



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