2020 Quarterly Reading Wrap Up/Stats (October-December)

Hey guys! I’ve decided to do a quarterly stats post every three months to log what I’ve read and include some nerdy stats about the books. I don’t really do wrap ups (although I do reviews on almost everything I read), so I’ve decided to do these quarterly posts instead.

Total Books Read-8

Books Read in October-0 (0%)

Books Read in November-1 (12.5%)


Books Read in December-7 (87.5%)

491693656185. sy475 52894547136251. sy475 29056083. sy475 5089233826150740


Fantasy-5 (62.5%)

Classics-1 (12.5%)

Mystery/Thriller-2 (25%)

Reading Level:

Adult-2 (25%)

Young adult-2 (25%)

Middle grade-4 (50%)


Longest Page Count-770 pages

Books Part of a Series-5 (62.5%)

Standalones-3 (37.5%)

First-Time Reads-6 (75%)

Rereads-2 (25%)

Preferences (excluding rereads):

Favorite Book-52894547

Least Favorite Book-6185. sy475

Star Ratings:

AVERAGE: 3.91/5

5-3 (37.5%)

4.5-2 (25%)

3.5-1 (12.5%)

2.75-1 (12.5%)

1-1 (12.5%)

Top TBR/Goals For Next Quarter:

TBR-2343715626032825. sy475 25036310. sy475 31520883. sy475 49757149

Goal 1-Read 15+ books.

Goal 2-Read a lot of 5-star reads.

Hope everyone is doing well!

-Sean, bookbloggingbooks

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