Legendborn NON-SPOILER Review (Mini)

**Mini Non-Spoiler Review**


by Tracy Deonn


Synopsis: A girl discovers a secret magical society at UNC Chapel Hill, a society that she infiltrates in order to investigate their possible connection to her mother’s death. 

Main Characters: Bree, Nick, Sel, Alice, William, Greer, Patricia, Tor

Goodreads average rating: 4.51/5

My rating: 4.5/5

Do I recommend? Definitely

For fans of? 


My Goodreads Review:

Wow! This was an incredibly impressive debut novel, and I am very excited to see what Tracey Deonn does in the future.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I found it to be a very complex, unique urban fantasy story that was completely unlike anything I’m used to reading. The diversity in the novel was great, the stakes felt high, and I was just very impressed at the magnitude of the novel.

That said, I was expecting to be absolutely obsessed with this like everyone else, but I did have some issues while reading. For one, took me quite a while to get fully immersed in the story, and even up until the very end, there were times I was a little confused by the world and lost in what was happening. There was definitely an info-dumping issue for me, and I also felt there were too many unnecessary characters that made the whole Arthurian ranking system messy to me. By the end of the novel, I was into the main characters (which were great, by the way) and the story enough to mostly look past the confusion, and I’m expecting that those issues will be resolved in the sequel.

I think this book has the potential to be the first in a large saga in this world, and I am definitely interested in reading more! Great debut.

Characters: 9/10

-the main characters were all really interesting and/or likable

-there were too many side characters that complicated the Arthurian ranking system for me

Writing Style: 9/10

-strong and unique

-impressive for a debut

Pace: 8.5/10

-the info-dumping slowed the pace down for me

-still pretty fast-moving overall

Entertainment: 9/10

-definitely an enjoyable read

-understand the hype to a degree

Average: 8.875/10


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of   ,   considerably   ,   extremely

Boring parts?

none    ,    rare   ,   some   ,   frequent   ,   lots


not at all   ,   minimally   ,   sort of  ,   considerably   ,   extremely


none    ,    attempts   ,   some laughs   ,   pretty comedic   ,   hilarious


not at all   ,   a bit  ,   sort of  ,   yes   ,   extremely

Overall thoughts?

bad   ,   meh   ,   good   ,   very good   ,   excellent   ,   superb

GIF thoughts while reading?

Grade: 90%

Hope everyone’s doing great!




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