Mini Fall 2020 Book Haul

Hey everyone! Recently, I’ve been a bit in a reading slump as I’ve transitioned from summer into the busy fall season. I haven’t been reading or purchasing many books lately, but I did acquire a few in the recent months that I thought I would put into this haul. 

Let me know what you guys are reading, as well as if you’ve purchased any exciting books recently! 

legendborn // tracy deonn


Legendborn has gotten a huge amount of hype since its release. It debuted on the New York Times bestsellers list, and also has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, reflected by a huge 4.59 average Goodreads rating. I actually won an advanced readers copy of the book from a Goodreads giveaway, which was really exciting, and my excitement for the book skyrocketed after all the buzz surrounding it came about upon its release. I’m hoping to read it before the end of the year, as I haven’t read many 2020 releases at all this year. 

the tower of nero // rick riordan


The Tower of Nero has been one of my most anticipated releases for a long time. I’ve been impressed with the Trials of Apollo series, as I have been with virtually all of Rick Riordan’s books, so I’m very eager to read this conclusion. While I found the plot in The Tyrant’s Tomb to meander a bit, I think there will a large payoff by exciting action and emotional (but not too emotional, please) stakes in this conclusion. Very nervous, but very excited to read this one. 

the outsider // stephen king

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I’ve been wanting to read a Stephen King book, and I found The Outsider for 40 percent off at my local Indigo bookstore. I’d never actually heard of this book before seeing it in the store, but it sounded really suspenseful and eerie. I also was interested in that fact that it has an HBO show, which I’m hoping to watch if I enjoy this one enough. This is actually a top priority read, as I think it is perfect to get me in the Halloween spirit.

then she was gone // lisa jewell


I’ve been most interested in adult mystery/thrillers lately, and I’ve been building up quite a nice collection of them. I found Then She Was Gone in the same bookstore trip that I got The Outsider from, and I was immediately interested, as I’ve been meaning to pick up a Lisa Jewell book. I’d always been really interested in My Family Upstairs, also by Lisa Jewell, but when I saw this one was 40 percent off as well, I decided to pick it up instead. It’s actually got more ratings and a higher average on Goodreads, so I’m thinking this one could actually be the right starting point for her books.

Hope everyone’s reading is going well!

-Sean, bookbloggingbooks


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