My Top 10 Favorite Series of All-Time (updated)

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I made an all-time favorites list. They can be daunting to make, because it means comparing favorites and cutting some of them from the list, which is never fun. However, I thought it would be fun to see how much the list has changed from the last time I made it.

This list has changed from the list in 2017 in a few ways.

1) My opinions on some of the series on that list have slightly changed.

2) I’ve read some really great series since then that had to make the list now.

I will only be including series that I have completed on this list. That means any series that have not released all of their books yet were not included (the only one that would’ve probably made the list if all the books were out is An Ember in the Ashes). Honorable mention goes to the following series, which was second on my last list but I probably have outgrown a bit too much to include on this list: Wings of Fire

10) Winger // Andrew Smith


# of books: 2

Thoughts: Winger was my favorite book of all-time for many, many years. The book was hilarious, relatable, and ultimately, gut-wrenching. The sequel, Standoff, was really good as well but definitely not quite near the excellence of Winger. There is a chance Andrew Smith writes another book, but it’s up in the air, so I included the series on the list anyways.

9) Red Queen // Victoria Aveyard

22328546. sy475

# of books: 4 (plus 1 companion of short stories)

Thoughts: Red Queen became an instant favorite of mine, with the twist at the end of that book one that I will forever remember. When Glass Sword was even better than book one, I figured this series would be an all-time favorite. However, I was soooo bored by book three, King’s Cage. Heading into the conclusion, War Storm, I was not optimistic. However, I LOVED it, and also loved Broken Throne, the collection of short stories published most recently. Because of how much I loved four of the five books in the series, I had to include it on this list despite having a really weak link.

8) Legend // Marie Lu


# of books: 4

Thoughts: For a lot of people, The Hunger Games or Divergent were prime-dystopian, and although I loved both of those series, Legend will always be my favorite. The two main characters feel like family to me, the pacing was so fast, and I just fell in love with the story. The original trilogy concluded in a beautifully heartbreaking way in Champion, and the recently released fourth book, Rebel, tied up the loose ends in a really entertaining way. Years ago, this might’ve been top of my list, but there have been some really strong additions to the list since reading the trilogy.

7) The Balance Keepers // Lindsay Cummings

The Fires of Calderon (The Balance Keepers, #1)

# of books: 3

Thoughts: I never expected this trilogy to be on my list before picking it up. Even after book one, The Fires of Calderon, I thought this was just another solid middle-grade series. However, The Pillars of Ponderay is one of six books I consider ultimate favorites, mainly due to its extremely fast-pace and fun atmosphere. The conclusion, The Traitor of Belltroll, was equally intense and entertaining, and it ended up being my favorite read in the year I read it. For those looking for an alternate to PJ or HP, this would be my top recommendation.

6) The Naturals // Jennifer Lynn Barnes


# of books: 4

Thoughts: The Naturals was another book I did not expect to love as much as I did. It was a super fast-paced, intricate criminal mystery read with really colorful characters. The series is a perfect combination of serialized mysteries with overarching themes (like Criminal Minds or How to Get Away With Murder). There’s also a really cool second-person perspective that the author uses to get in the head of the criminals without revealing their identity. With that said, each book was consistently amazing, and this series is one of four on this list where all installments received 5 stars. It’s a series I absolutely loved but often fail to recommend or talk about enough for some reason.

5) Percy Jackson and the Olympians // Rick Riordan

46025094. sx318

# of books: 5

Thoughts: After reading The Lightning Thief, I knew this series would be the closest thing to the nostalgia feeling of HP, and I was right. The series got even better (although The Battle of Labyrinth was not my favorite), giving me some of my favorite, most action-packed and humorous reads of all-time. The Titan’s Curse has remained my favorite of the five, with The Last Olympian a close second.

4) The Heroes of Olympus // Rick Riordan


# of books: 5

Thoughts: I can never make a decisive decision on which of the original Percy Jackson series I like more. In my last ranking of these, the original series was ranked higher, but I think looking back on it now, I would enjoy the second series more. It’s a little more mature and complex, and I remember really liking the large cast feel. In addition, I was one of the few people who loved the conclusion, The Blood of Olympus, which I actually consider my favorite Rick Riordan book ever.

3) Three Dark Crowns // Kendare Blake

28374007. sy475

# of books: 4

Thoughts: Three Dark Crowns was one of the darkest, twistiest reads that I did not expect to immediately fall in love with. I heard so much about how slow-paced these books were, but I did not feel bored for more than a second throughout all four books. Each installment in the series was excellent, with complex female characters that you go from hating-to-love to loving-to-hate and back. The first two books can be read as a satisfying duology, but I would highly recommend reading Two Dark Reigns, which was my favorite in the series, and Five Dark Fates, one of the most gut-wrenching finales I’ve ever read. PLEASE give this a shot if you are interested because I think it is SUPERBLY crafted.

2) Throne of Glass // Sarah J. Maas


# of books: 7 (plus 1 prequel of short stories)

Thoughts: I enjoyed Throne of Glass and The Assassin’s Blade (the collection of prequel short stories), but I definitely didn’t love either. However, from Crown of Midnight on, I was hooked. Each installment brought something new and great to the series, whether it was Heir of Fire seriously expanding the world or Queen of Shadows giving breakneck action or Tower of Dawn crafting a slow-burn story to die for. Ultimately, the series ended with Kingdom of Ash, which dethroned Winger to now be my favorite book of all-time. For fans of GOT, this is a must-read, but really, there’s a bit of everything to the point that anyone could love these.

1) Harry Potter // J.K. Rowling

17372039. sy475

# of books: 8

Thoughts: It’s hard to imagine a series ever topping Harry Potter for me, both as a book series and movie franchise. From The Sorcerer’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows, the characters, both main and side, are the best-ever. Harry and Hermione are probably my two favorite characters of all-time from any book, TV-show, movie, etc. Professor McGonagall deserves even more love than she gets (Maggie Smith’s portrayal of her was legendary, which definitely elevates my book opinions of the character even further). Either way, each book is so memorable for completely different reasons, but all have the same nostalgic, magical vibe that will forever be impossible to replicate. I’m currently working my way through my first reread (I know, crazy) of the entire series; I’m up to Order of the Phoenix. It’s been an absolute joy of course. I just LOVE everything about this series.

And I actually liked The Cursed Child, so there’s that lol. And The Crimes of Grindelwald. Yea, attack me in the comments ahhah.

Hope you guys got some insight into my favorites 🙂

-Sean, bookbloggingbooks


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