If You Like This…Recommendations (#4)

Hey guys! People liked my recent post of this theme, in which I recommend some under-the-radar books for fans of popular novels. I’ve compiled another list of these, expect this time I have some TV shows and movies interspersed throughout too!

If you like…

Is 'Outer Banks' available to watch on Canadian Netflix? - New On ...

then you will like…


Reasons: Both are small-town mystery/thrillers that have a really likable set of characters and very interesting mystery. In addition, the mysteries in both surround the main character’s fathers, which adds for a really nice family element to each. Outer Banks has a slow-burn at first, and although The Lying Woods never becomes the action/adventure type like the TV show does, it is equally addicting. Both, especially The Lying Woods have mind-blowing plot twists.

If you like…

Titanic (1997) - IMDb

then you will like…


Reasons: Both are super raw, emotional historical fiction works set upon doomed ships. Also, while Salt to the Sea does not focus on romance, there is a great one between two amazing characters as well.

If you like…


then you will like…

40944762. sy475

Reasons: Both put a nice spin on the “chosen one” trope. The Rest of Us Just Live Here showing the trope from the perspective of those not chosen, while Chosen One showcases the dark side of being chosen. The former does have a generally lighter tone than the latter though.

If you like…

Criminal Minds (TV Series 2005–2020) - IMDbHow to Get Away with Murder (TV Series 2014–2020) - IMDb

then you will like…


Reasons: Both of the two shows and The Naturals are thrillers, with Criminal Minds sharing the novel’s detective presence and How to Get Away With Murder sharing the book’s overarching mystery feel. I think all three of these works could be enjoyed by the same person.

If you like…

38225791. sy475

then you will like…


Reasons: Both novels focus on teenagers deciphering mysteries in a small town. They have a very similar eerie tone throughout their stories, and are both excellently done in my opinion.

If you like…

85266. sy475

then you will like…


Reasons: Both are very intense adult thrillers, and both feature characters that are very mysterious. In addition, there is a big global or worldly feel to the action that takes place in both novels.

Hope this gave you some good recommendations!

-Sean, bookbloggingbooks


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