Summer 2020 Book Haul

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done a book haul, mostly because I haven’t been getting a lot of books lately, and if I do they are at random. However, I did pick up a few novels recently that I thought I would share with you all. I’ve already read and enjoyed three of the books on this list, so I’ll give my brief thoughts on those underneath the covers. Let me know if you guys have been getting any books lately!

i’ll give you the sun // jandy nelson

20820994. sy475

I purchased I’ll Give You the Sun on my first outing to a bookstore since the pandemic started. I went to an independent seller, and although I didn’t desperately need to pick up a book, I felt the urge to in order to support the store. Either way, I’ve heard great things about this book. It’s a brother-sister story told in two timelines, which is unlike anything I’ve ever read, so I’m eager to pick it up. I’m thinking it might be a good beach read.

out of the easy // ruta sepetys


I recently read Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys and was absolutely blown away by it. After reading that novel I had to look into her other books. All three of her other novels sounded equally interesting to me. I ultimately decided to order Out of the Easy because Salt to the Sea spoiled Between Shades of Grey for me, and The Fountains of Silence was just more expensive. I plan to pick this one up soon, and I’m hoping my love for Ruta Sepetys’s work wasn’t a fluke.

3rd degree // james patterson & andrew gross

13132. sy475

Last year I randomly decided to pick up Kill Me if You Can by James Patterson, which is one of his more underrated thrillers. I ended up absolutely loving it, and have been interested in reading more adult thrillers, including ones by James Patterson, since reading it. I saw Patterson’s 3rd Degree for cheap at my local thrift store and it looked interesting so I decided to pick it up. I’ve actually already read it and thought it was a solid read, although nothing amazing.

wilder girls // rory power


This was such a breakout novel last year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really reading last year so I never got around to reading new releases. After going to Indigo and seeing this there in paperback, I figured it’s finally time I see what all the hype is about. It’s not the type of novel I’d expect to get so popular, and horror isn’t exactly in my comfort zone, so I was just very, very curious about this one. Ultimately, I ended up loving it; check my non-spoiler review out here.

the president is missing // james patterson & bill clinton

35097255. sy475

There’s a lot of things that sold me on this book. First, I had read and loved an adult thriller by James Patterson and had been meaning to read more by him. Second, former President Bill Clinton co-wrote this, which is just very interesting. Lastly, the synopsis sounds great, revolving around a president who goes missing (duh, look at the title lol), which could be an interesting take, especially coming from a former POTUS. I read the first chapter and found it fascinating, and it is definitely a top priority read for me.

the lincoln lawyer // michael connelly

79884. sy475

This is another example of the adult mystery/thrillers I’ve been craving recently. This one especially caught my eye because it is a legal thriller, which I’ve been really interested in reading after loving How to Get Away with Murder. When I saw it for cheap at a used bookstore, I picked it up. I’m a little nervous to read this because it seems unlike anything I’ve ever read before, but it has got such great reviews that I have high hopes.

lifeguard // james patterson & andrew gross

685397. sy475

I’ve actually already read this one as well, right after I read 3rd Degree, which also happened to be a collab by James Patterson and Andrew Gross. This started off promising, but ultimately it really lacked oomph in the end. I didn’t care for the characters or mystery all that much, although I still found that the short chapters and Patterson writing style kept me entertained for a large majority of the book.



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