Junk Food Book Tag

Hey guys! Here is another book tag, this one based off a favorite of all of ours: junk food! I couldn’t find the creator of the tag, but I’ll leave the link to the video I found the tag from here. I don’t like to tag people because I never know who would truly want to participate, but if you would like to do the tag, let me know and I can give you a tag;)

Let’s get into the questions!

1. Chocolates are ooey gooey. Choose a book with a great romance.


2. Ice cream is frozen but will melt. Choose a book with a bad beginning but a good ending.


3. Candy can be sweet and sour. Choose a book with a good beginning but bad a ending.

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4. Pizza comes in many varieties. Choose a book with a wide range of characters.


5. Chips make a loud crunch. Choose a book that made a big impact in a series.


6. Cakes are a guilty pleasure. Choose a book that’s your guilty pleasure.


7. Soda is fizzy and bubbly. Choose a book that made you feel cheerful.


8. Cocktails can make you tipsy. Choose a book that gave you a book hangover.


9. Cookies are great for rewards. What’s the next book you want to buy as a reward to yourself?


10. What is your favorite candy?

REESE'S | Peanut Butter Cups | Products



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